Growing together

We are actively seeking dynamic, innovative partners around the world who share our passion for solving challenges simply and elegantly. We have big (really big!) ambitions and we believe in partnerships that let us grow together.

Logistic products and services

As we develop and grow, we will partner with companies in a wide variety of fields, including:

Automation •  Construction • Goods flow • Goods handling equipment • Robotics • Systems development • Tracking systems
Warehouse racking and more!

Developing with IKEA

Logevo is a company within the Inter IKEA Group. IKEA is a global home furnishing retailer with nearly 400 IKEA stores and many distribution centres all around the world. Logevo works actively with IKEA to maximise the potential of our technology. Our solutions and ideas will contribute to constantly developing the IKEA Concept.

True, lasting partnerships

We are most interested in partners who want to join us in the long-term. We believe that by working closely together we can create benefits that help customers, while also making us all stronger together. We are interested in large companies and small ones (we’re still small ourselves!). What’s important is scalable ideas, great people and the ambition to grow together.

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